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Miss E

“I wanted to do the shoot to embrace my body and the changes that had occurred after having three children. I was apprehensive before the shoot as although I had done similar shoots before, my body is very different to what it was then, and I was worried I would feel self-conscious or be too busy trying to hide certain parts of myself to really enjoy the experience. I was completely wrong to worry!

Alice made me feel at ease and guided me through each pose in a way that was fun and relaxing! It’s definitely a great experience to have and there’s no reason to put it off until you have a perfect body! We are constantly changing and developing and it’s nice to have documentation of that and still be able to feel confident at all life stages!”

Ellen B&A.jpg

Miss J

"I never wear sexy lingerie as I am more of an organic cotton and comfort girl. But use it for a photo shoot, why not. I am also getting older, so why not try something new to surprise my partner and myself at the same time. My true nature is quite playful and cheeky and feminine, but I was so conditioned and shut down that most of the time I would be very ashamed of myself, and anything do to with passion and sex.


Alice is an amazing photographer and I always feel so good and comfortable around her. I was nervous about how photos will turn out as we all have some different perceptions of how we look and what we don't like about ourselves (especially in these depressing covid times). After seeing the photos, I was quite surprised, and I liked what I saw. Damn guurl, you look hot."

Janja B&A2.jpg

"Doing a boudoir photoshoot will bring something for everyone. Maybe to connect more with yourself or to feel more feminine, more confident as it expresses that female passion and sex appeal. It utterly brings out the true power that lies below the surfers of every woman."

Miss N


"I wanted to do a boudoir experience because I wanted to see myself from a different angle. I never thought of myself as being sexy. I was always more of a tomboyish girl who never really dresses up. Being happy in shorts and t-shirts.

This was an opportunity to feel different. To see myself as a woman and not a girl anymore.

I was definitely shy and nervous before the photoshoot.

I felt beautiful, so beautiful after the shoot. And Confident! Like I'm the hottest girl :))"

Nika B&A.jpg

"The best part about doing a boudoir experience was that I could feel the transformation from being nervous to feeling confident. I didn't know how beautiful I look. My thoughts became cheeky, my heartbeat felt deeper and it made me realize how good I feel in my skin.

It is such a profound experience. It will boost femininity and love for yourself, and Alice is a wonderful photographer who will guide you through your session beautifully."


Photo by: That Camera Girl